Kyoto 2017 Masterpost


Hi everyone, I thought it would be helpful for anyone going through my Kyoto 2017 traveling posts if I compiled a masterlist of the places I have been with links to the actual posts themselves. This way, you can just glance over this masterlist and find what you are looking for. Please note that the 2017 Kyoto trip took place during the fall foliage season and so these posts will include some night viewing at temples.

I also wanted to talk a little bit about how I moved around Kyoto during my trip since there was a question about that but I think it would be best if I split it up into a separate post.

DAY 0 (Traveling)

  • SFO Airport
  • HK Airport
    • Tsui Wah Eatery
  • KIX Airport
  • Kyoto Train Station
    • Taishoken (dipping ramen)
    • Isetan
    • Nakamura Tokichi (desserts)


  • Fushimi Inari
  • Byodoin Temple 
  • Shubaku (soba noodles)
  • Ujigami Shrine
  • Kyoto Station – Katsukura (fried pork cutlets)


  • Yayokien (traditional Japanese meals)
  • Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
  • Kitano Tenman-Gu Shrine
  • Ichiran Ramen (a must try for ramen lovers)


  • Kyoto Station – Hoshino Coffee (cafe)
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
  • Kiyomizu-Zaka (buy your edible souvenirs here)
    • Malebranche  (matcha cookies)
      • there is one at the Kyoto station so you don’t have to purchase stuff here if you don’t want to lug it all the way back
    • Kyoubaamu (matcha baumkuchen)
    • Yojiya (cosmetics)
    • Starbucks (in a traditional Japanese aesthetics)
  • Chion-in Shrine
  • Hisago (Oyako-don or chicken and eggs over rice)
  • Rakusyou (desserts)
  • Shoren-in Monzeki Temple


  • Arashiyama
    • Tofu Chaya Sagatofu Sanchu (lunch stall)
    • Bamboo Forest
    • Tenryu-ji Temple (天龍)
    • Nonomiya Shrine
    • Oimatsu (desserts)
    • Kimono Forest


  • Arashiyama
    • %Arabica (coffee shop)
    • Sagano Romantic Train
  • Nara
    • Yamamura (restaurant)





5 Things I wished I knew before I went to Japan

A year ago, I did a blog post on the12 Must Know Tips for Traveling in China because, let’s be honest, no one wants to be trapped in a public restroom without any toilet paper and I realized I never did one for Japan. So here are my 5 must know tips for navigating through Japan.

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Japan Haul 2017 – Cosmetics


On my last trip to Japan, I didn’t have too much time to shop but despite that, I did manage to get a pretty decent haul. I didn’t want to go too crazy since I had just done a Sephora haul before leaving on my trip so I only picked up items that really interested me or was something I didn’t have.

I decided to split this haul into several posts so that it’s not too long. Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

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Kyoto 2017 – Day 2

KYOTO DAY 2 (1).png

Links: Day 0 | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5


  • Kinkakuji (金閣寺)
  • Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine(北野天満宮) [Day & Night Viewing]

It is our second full day in Kyoto and we were off to Yayoiken to grab some traditional Japanese breakfast. Yayoiken is a restaurant that specializes in homestyle Japanese meal sets and is a great way for tourists to experience a traditional Japanese homestyle meal. For anyone in the U.S. who is interested, Yayoiken also locations in California and Texas.

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