Japan Haul 2017 – Cosmetics


On my last trip to Japan, I didn’t have too much time to shop but despite that, I did manage to get a pretty decent haul. I didn’t want to go too crazy since I had just done a Sephora haul before leaving on my trip so I only picked up items that really interested me or was something I didn’t have.

I decided to split this haul into several posts so that it’s not too long. Be sure to check back for weekly updates!

Link: Part 1 (Cosmetics) | Part 2 (Skincare) | Part 3 (Misc.)

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Kyoto 2017 – Day 2

KYOTO DAY 2 (1).png


  • Kinkakuji (金閣寺)
  • Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine(北野天満宮) [Day & Night Viewing]

It is our second full day in Kyoto and we were off to Yayoiken to grab some traditional Japanese breakfast. Yayoiken is a restaurant that specializes in homestyle Japanese meal sets and is a great way for tourists to experience a traditional Japanese homestyle meal. For anyone in the U.S. who is interested, Yayoiken also locations in California and Texas.

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One-Star Michelin Instant Ramen???


A few weeks before I left on my trip to Japan, I found out that Nakiryu, who was awarded one Michelin star for its dan dan noodles, released an instant ramen version of its famous noodles.

For those who don’t know, Michelin is a French tire company that released a series of travel books as a way to encourage people to take road trips more often. Eventually, the travel books started to include notable restaurants that people should check out while traveling. Michelin stars eventually became an honorable title that is the hallmark of fine dining.

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