Papa Recipe Review


Hi guys! Sorry for the irregular updates this month. I just recently moved to my new place and it took longer than I anticipated to get everything up and running, but the good news is that but I’m back! I’m still waiting on some stuff so I’m not at full force yet but hopefully soon!

A friend introduced me to Papa Recipe a while back and I ended up loving it so I’m really excited to try out these products.

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SephoraPlay! Iconic Edition


Hi guys, sorry for the absence last week. For various reasons, I didn’t have access to my laptop and so I wasn’t able to post at all last week and then graduation weekend hit. I’m still reeling from the side effects as I am typing up this post.

I know the Iconic Edition of SephoraPlay did ruffle a lot of features when it was first announced on the Sephora website. I personally wasn’t too upset but I could understand arguments from both sides.

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