Trader Joes Favorites

I’ve always lived near a Trader Joe’s but never paid too much attention to it. But recently, I have been finding myself roaming in one of Trader Joe’s aisles on a Sunday afternoon often more than once and I have picked up some favorites along the way.

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For my birthday, we decided to try out Amakara–a popular sushi place in Dublin. It was an early birthday celebration dinner since everyone’s schedule is a little bit different. The line was quite long but luckily, there was a Paris Baguette right across and so as we sat in the coffee store to warm up, I got a slice of cake as an early birthday cake.

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Aina – Hawaiian Fusion Brunch


Aina is a popular restaurant located in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco and specializes in Hawaiian food. If you want to swing by for brunch on a weekend, be prepared to wait at least an hour as it is a popular eatery with limited seats. We managed to cut down some of the wait time by waiting online through the Yelp app but we still waited for roughly 40 minutes before we were seated.

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Yum’s Bistro – Jakarta Styled Chili Crab


Let’s take a break from all of the beauty reviews and first impressions and let’s talk about food. For my mother’s birthday last week, we decided to celebrate it by making a reservation at Yum’s Bistro as it is the only that place that I know of that serves Jakarta-styled chili crab. The restaurant is reservation only and they won’t take walk-ins but luckily enough, they do take same day reservations and so we were able to get a table.

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Blackball – A Taiwanese Treat


Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone had a great break. I spent most of mine holed up inside my comfy nest of blankets and binge-watching Netflix. We were watching one of those romantic-comedy Taiwanese dramas and the characters kept eating shaved ice.

I had a sudden craving for shaved ice and nothing says celebrating the new year like some dessert right? Luckily Blackball was open on New Year’s day and we popped in to pick up our order to go.

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One-Star Michelin Instant Ramen???


A few weeks before I left on my trip to Japan, I found out that Nakiryu, who was awarded one Michelin star for its dan dan noodles, released an instant ramen version of its famous noodles.

For those who don’t know, Michelin is a French tire company that released a series of travel books as a way to encourage people to take road trips more often. Eventually, the travel books started to include notable restaurants that people should check out while traveling. Michelin stars eventually became an honorable title that is the hallmark of fine dining.

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