Lush Masks Review

IMG_8715.JPGI have always looked to Lush with a quiet curiosity but could never stay in the store long enough to really browse before being overwhelmed by the scents. I’m pretty sensitive to artificial scents and you can imagine what a (literal) headache a store like Lush is for me but I did manage to brave the bath bombs, which were the worst offenders, and made it safely to the facial mask side.

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Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Mask


Don’t these look like something out of your worst nightmares? The packaging of these rubber masks caught my eye while I was browsing through Sephora’s website and I was immediately sold by its quirky tops and bright colors. So this is basically a “fun mask” where the entire ordeal of doing a DIY facial becomes a fun experience. The idea is that once the contents are mixed within the cup, you give it a good shake and viola–your mask is ready to be applied.

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Yum’s Bistro – Jakarta Styled Chili Crab


Let’s take a break from all of the beauty reviews and first impressions and let’s talk about food. For my mother’s birthday last week, we decided to celebrate it by making a reservation at Yum’s Bistro as it is the only that place that I know of that serves Jakarta-styled chili crab.┬áThe restaurant is reservation only and they won’t take walk-ins but luckily enough, they do take same day reservations and so we were able to get a table.

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