Von’s Chicken – Best Korean Fried Chicken in the Bay?


Did that catch your attention?

It certainly did catch mine when I started getting a craving for Korean fried chicken (aka KFC lol) a few months back but, San Diego didn’t have any good chicken places so I was excited to discover this place when I came back to the Bay Area. If you know of any other good places either here or San Diego, please let me know as I’m always on the hunt for good fried chicken.


Von’s Chicken has a pretty good lunch deal and since we were well passed lunch time, we decided to go ahead and order a whole, fried chicken.


I have had chicken from this place before but we had always gotten takeout and unfortunately, by the time we made it home, the chicken had cooled on the drive home. The plus side is that they seem to have double-fried their chicken so it does stay crispy and not soggy even after it has cooled.


The order, like all other Korean places, comes with a side of coleslaw and pickled radish with unlimited refills. They have a variety of flavors and choices but we opted for the crispy version. Since this is a KFC place, they do sell beer as well.


This is a great place to grab lunch if you are close by or to pick up some wings for the game or just because.


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