Provender Coffee – A Cute Coffee Nook


October is rolling around and greeting us with cloudy skies and it’s almost cold enough in San Francisco to be wearing sweaters all day. Almost.

But it’s not quite there yet and there’s nothing better than feeding your caffeine addiction and warming up at the same time. There is a charming and cozy coffee shop just up 18th street that is a local favorite and serves pretty good coffee.


The store’s name is Provender, which means animal fodder–a fitting name considering it is located in Potrero Hill with potrero meaning “pasture” or “field” in Spanish. The place is definitely a local favorite as they mostly serve regulars and those who live close enough to pop by for a cup of coffee.


They serve pretty good coffee and I would recommend the maple cold brew, especially if you like Starbuck’s caramel macchiato. It’s cold, sweet and just the right amount of coffee taste. This is also one of the places that does pretty latte art so definitely order the latte if you’re looking forward to foam art but just skip the almond milk because, according to the barista, almond milk makes it too watery for pretty latte art.

Their teas are more on the herbal side and less on the sweet side so if that appeals to you, you would probably like it. Since I’m not a big coffee drinker, I went with the Assam Chai Latte. I personally like stronger flavored tea but my drink tasted slightly watered-down without much of the milk taste so it was a little bit disappointing, especially at the price point.


Since Provender is famous for their avocado toast (someone on Yelp claimed he drove 3 hours for it), we decided to try it. It’s buttery and creamy goodness is offset by the crispiness of burnt garlic and the refreshing taste of lemon. It’s definitely good but at $10 per order and as someone who enjoys cooking, I would just get the coffee instead. They also offer a stamp card so I will definitely come back for the coffee.

All in all, Provender is on the pricier side (then again, what in San Francisco isn’t?) but it does serve good food and great coffee, making it a local favorite.


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