Uji Time


With the last stretch of summer, the hottest days are just before us so what better way to cool off than with some ice cream? I first found about Uji time through social media a couple months back when their San Francisco location first opened. We didn’t really plan on going there that day but since we were already so close to Japan Town, we decided to check it out. Also, I hate parking San Francisco so I will be going to their Berkely location from now on.


We ordered the sesame ice cream with the taiyaki cone and the tofu ice cream with the waffle cone. The taiyaki cone was a lot bit extra but I really wanted to try it ever since I saw it. It’s basically the waffle cone batter baked into the sea bream shape but I really liked the “bread-y-ness” it added to the ice cream. Also, don’t squeeze your fish because since the baked good is still warm, the ice cream tends to melt quickly.


The taiyaki cone comes the option of two topping so I added matcha powder and a dango stick, which was a bad idea. The dango was hard and difficult to chew and the stick itself pushed some of the ice cream outwards. And since the ice cream was already melting from the warmness of the cone, it was messy to eat so be sure to grab some extra napkins. By melting, I don’t mean that it’s melting like crazy but it will melt faster in the taiyaki cone than the regular waffle cone.


The tofu ice cream basically tastes like the frozen version of “douhua” or tofu pudding and it’s definitely one of the more unique flavors Uji Time offers. I was suppose to try out tofu ice cream in Japan but I couldn’t find the stand when I was at Fushimi Inari. Even though I didn’t to try the tofu ice cream in Japan, the ice cream we did try in Uji Time reminded me a lot of the ice cream I did get to try in Japan. So if you want a taste of Japan without buying a ticket for it, I suggest trying out Uji Time if you’re in the neighborhood.


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