Marc Jacobs’ The Lolita (206) Review


I got Marc Jacobs’ Lolita eye shadow palette a couple days ago as my graduation present and I got a chance to play around it. The Lolita is a great neutral eye shadow palette filled with your everyday necessities and the slim packaging makes it ideal to take it with you on the go.


The palette comes with a small pouch to protect it from scratches. I actually wouldn’t feel bad tossing this into my bag knowing that the case won’t get gross scratches all over it. It’s a nice touch that adds onto the experience of luxury make up Marc Jacobs is trying to provide for its customers.


The palette contains 3 mattes and 3 shimmers and 1 glittery eye shadow. The shadows themselves aren’t as pigmented as some other brands but they are buildable and perfect for a more natural/professional look. I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of a good transition color for the crease but it’s not too big of a deal since I often like to mix and max palettes while doing my makeup.


The mattes can be a little bit chalky but I haven’t had too much issues with blending them out on the lid. It takes a little bit more effort but, it is something that I want to point out. The shimmers do very well and are beautiful on the skin. The only one that I have issues with is the glittery champagne color in the middle.


The color in the very middle is absolutely gorgeous, but it has a lot of fallout and you will actually just get chunks of glitter everywhere. Just swatching it gave me tons of random chunks of glitter on my fingertip and actually all over my keyboard as I type this. I know some people really hate that so it was an issue that I wanted to bring up. I found that applying a little at a time and blending it out helps with the fallout, but since that takes too much effort and time; it may be better to go in with glitter glue and just “glue” the eyeshadow to your lids.


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