Papa Recipe Review


Hi guys! Sorry for the irregular updates this month. I just recently moved to my new place and it took longer than I anticipated to get everything up and running, but the good news is that but I’m back! I’m still waiting on some stuff so I’m not at full force yet but hopefully soon!

A friend introduced me to Papa Recipe a while back and I ended up loving it so I’m really excited to try out these products.

When I first bought it, I got most of the Papa Recipe masks that I could find on Yamibuy; but, when I checked it again today, I see that the website has updated with more of Papa Recipe’s masks so I guess it might be time for another purchase. I decided to skip the Bombee White Mask, which is for brightening the skin, since I’ve heard bad reviews about it.

Bombee Rose Gold Mask


This is a relatively new addition to the Papa Recipe mask line and it caught people’s attention for good reason–rose gold. The mask itself is lined with patterns of gold hexagon and contains actual gold as one its ingredients. While definitely fancy, I didn’t see any extra benefit from the rose gold edition of the mask and I actually found it less moisturizing than the original.

Since the original Bombee mask is really hydrating, this sheet mask might work for someone who is on the oilier side or anyone who just needs some fancy pampering.

Bombee Honey Mask


This is the mask that set me off into the dark path of the sheet mask world. For whatever reason last winter, my skin became parched dry. I did everything I could by investing in essences, facial oils, and hydrating primers–but my foundation would still crack on a good day and peel on a bad one. This is the original Bombee Honey mask and it works absolute wonders on dry skin.

It’s extremely hydrating and so I used to pop one on every 2-3 days, depending on the condition of my skin. Because of it, my skin started to have a natural glow to it and it was actually one of the best my skin has ever been.

Bombee Black Honey Mask


The black honey mask is supposed to tighten pores and make your skin more elastic. The sheet mask itself is black, which reflects its name of black honey perfectly. I don’t have any issues with my pores so I didn’t notice a huge difference with the pore tightening. As far as skin elasticity, I still like the original better since the intense hydration gives my skin an extra bounce.

Again, as with the rose-gold edition, the black honey version is probably suited to someone with an oiler skin type.

Sparking Bubble Toc Mask


I was pretty excited to try this out since bubbling mask was really popular a while ago. It claims to discharge dead skin cells and clear out the sebum from your skin. I thought the mask would be an entire full-faced mask but it only covers from your chin to the nose. Which kind of sucks if you also wanted to clear out your forehead area, which is usually the oiliest part of my face.

I originally wanted to take pictures of the bubble but it actually started bubbling a lot faster than I thought and I made the mistake of trying to put it on in my room instead of the bathroom. The bubbles tickled and pricked a little, but other than that it was pretty comfortable. The only thing is, be careful of where you place the mask since the bubbles will expand a lot. I ended getting a little in my eyes and nose.

I didn’t notice a any difference the next morning but I did notice that my skin was a lot more clear in the following day.

Final Thoughts

I think since I liked the original so much, it’s hard for the new additions to compete with it. At least, for me. But I do think the line has a lot of potential and I’m excited to try new products from Papa Recipe.

Final Final Thoughts

I originally started this blog as a way to document my very last year of college–the places I’ve been, the food that I shared, and the memories that I made. So when I graduated last month, I didn’t quite know what to do with this blog and it took me a while to decide exactly what it was that I wanted to do. And I realized that I’ve come to enjoy blogging and sharing the small things from my life with you guys and so I hope that you guys will find my discoveries enjoyable as well.



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