Come With Me to Los Angeles


Summer vacation is in full swing and what better to celebrate our last summer vacation than with a road trip filled with good food (this is basically a food diary) and even better company. This is basically a food blog of what’s good to eat around K-Town.

Duke’s Malibu

We actually arrived in LA pretty late the night before and so we decided to just chill and kicked off the next morning with a pretty bomb burger from Duke’s. I ordered the BBQ mango burger and split it along with the sea bass fish sandwich with a friend. The mango burger was on point but I ended up liking the fish sandwich a lot more.


Sul Beans

After lunch, we headed towards K-Town to grab some Korean shaved ice or bingsu to cool down from the heat. Sul Beans is inside a shopping plaza so remember to get your parking ticket validated before you leave. I never really had to pay for parking when I go out to eat and so this made me appreciate the places that I’ve lived in a lot more.


Since we were still pretty full from lunch, we shared a strawberry bingsu with some condensed milk. The ice is light and fluffy and the perfect for a hot summer afternoon.


Papa Beard

Since our ticket was already validated, we decided to stick around the shopping plaza for a little while longer and see what was around. I happen to spot a Papa Beard listed in the directory and I was immediately on a mission to find it.  Unfortunately, this is a much smaller store than the other Papa Beard and they only have certain flavors on certain days. Since I was already there, I decided to get a cream puff anyways since the original flavor is still delicious.


Chocolate Chair

We found Chocolate Chair right next to The Face Shop, actually it was sharing the same space as The Face Shop. Since they were known for their Dragon’s Breath, which is a nitrogen dessert. It basically tastes like frozen fruity pebbles (there, I just saved you five bucks), but it’s pretty fun to play with and makes for good pictures. Be careful not to burn yourself since the nitrogen is pretty cold!


Grand Central Market

Since we were stuffed after our mini food tour in K-Town, we decided to walk off the calories a little bit by doing touristy things. We didn’t end up getting anything but it was still really fun to walk around and look at all of the things it offered. It’s very similar to Oxbow in Napa, which I wrote about here.


The Last Bookstore

Since we were already at The Grand Central Market, we decided to stop by The Last Bookstore. I’ve seen a couple posts about it in Tumblr a while back and I’ve always wanted to visit so I was really happy to check that off my list of to-dos.


The Last Bookstore is basically a library from a fantasy world tucked away on a street in reality. There is a labyrinth of bookshelves both upstairs and downstairs filled to the brim with books. There are also various reading nooks spread throughout the entire store.


Upstairs, you can find a section of the second floor dedicated to various artists and their artworks. There are also various stores upstairs that sell artwork and I think it is run by the artists themselves. You can also find art installations in every nook and cranny that is not filled with books or comfy reading chairs.



Penny covered floor. I wonder how much it’s worth…

This is a great place to curl up with a book but it is also a great place for cute photos to share on your social media.

File_000 (2).jpeg

OB Bear

After taking pictures and exploring the bookstore, it was dinner time. I was intensely craving Korean fried chicken a couple weeks ago and after pestering my friends about it for a while, we all had cravings for Korean fried chicken.


We ended up ordering a lot but it was totally worth it. Unfortunately, when I was first reading the menu, I (for whatever reason) thought that whole chicken meant you would get various types of fried chicken pieces (i.e. wings, drumsticks, etc.) and that fried chicken wings would only mean…well, wings. Apparently the whole chicken meant an entire roasted chicken and the wings were actually what I wanted. Oops.



The whole chicken


Fried chicken wings


Top: Leek pancake Bottom: Kimichi with tofu

Gwang Yang BBQ

We got up around noon the next day and decided to grab some KBBQ before hitting the road towards home. We originally tried to line up for Quarters and/or Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong. I’ve tried both in the past and I have go tot say that I prefer KHB over Quarters. We couldn’t find parking in the end and we decided to go to another KBBQ that was super close by–the perks of LA.


They served us a chilled, sour radish soup. The sourness goes really well with the BBQ and cleanse your palate throughout the meal. It’s also really refreshing in the middle of the summer.

We ordered a set combo and I was pleasantly surprised when it came with the stew and steamed egg. I ended up really liking this place and it’s a place I would like to revisit in the future.



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