June Empties


With the end of June, a lot of things came to an end and June itself passed by in a frenzied whirlwind.

A lot of things happened in June. A lot of good things. I walked out of my last class, took my last final, and walked across the stage during graduation. So it’s only fitting that I greet the new month by saying goodbye to the old.

I’ve actually had a lot of this stuff for a while but I didn’t get to finishing it until June so technically they’re not really June empties but in a way they are.

Laura Mercier – Hydrating Primer


I apologize for the highly contrasted photo. The lighting in my room was strange and I tried to clean it up a little in Photoshop and since I’m still quite a newbie at this; well, this is the result. The good news is that the rest of the photos aren’t as bad so I think I’m getting there.

The primer lasted me a good while (close to a year perhaps?) and I got it because my skin became extremely dry during the winter. I actually just bought a sample size of the Two Face Hangover Primer so I will see which one I like it. This primer doesn’t really help prolong the wear of my makeup but it does add an extra layer of hydration, which is key to not looking like you’re shedding your skin in the middle of winter.

The cap actually broke off after a couple months of use, which I find extremely disappointing. Hopefully the backup that I bought won’t have this issue.

Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water


I got this a while ago during the hype when everyone was raving about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water. I did really enjoy the product but I had a hard time removing my eye makeup with it. Maybe it’s because since my eyelid area tends to be oily (the joy of being combination-dry), I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

I’m actually thinking about trying another makeup remover so if there is any you guys really like, leave a comment down below and let me know.

MayCoop – Raw Sauce


What is raw sauce? I don’t really know but it does help add an extra layer of hydration. It’s an essence by the Korean brand MayCoop. I got introduced to them when ClothesEncounter raved about it in one of her monthly favorites and so I decided to get the travel size one to try it out.

The packaging on the travel size one is beautiful. It has a weight to it so it feels luxurious (not sure how that will hold up for traveling since it is kind of heavy) but I absolutely loved it. I ended up purchasing the full size during the sale and I’ve been using it ever since. The travel size one actually lasted me a really long time. I only used it at nighttime but it did last me for roughly six months.

Mac – Brow Pencil


I first discovered this during high school while getting my make up done at MAC and I’ve loved it until I found Anastasia’s Brow Pomade. The pencil goes on light and helps create a natural looking brow. Nowadays, I like to fill in my brows first with the brow pomade and use the pencil to clean up or just to add a little big to a really small sparse area.

Shiseido – Ultimate Sun Protection Cream


Sunscreen should be the last step in your skincare routine but the first in your defense against aging. The sun does great damage to our skin and one of the best ways to remain looking youthful is to apply sunscreen. I got this as a deluxe sample and it’s been really great when I travel since it’s so small. This does leave a little bit of a white cast when applied but it does go away if you really take the time to blend it out.

Lunasol – Skin Modeling Powder


Lunasol is a Japanese brand that is well known for their (expensive) and pigmented eye shadows. So when I got this as a sample, I was really excited to try this out. Since I have combination skin, I just used this to set the oily parts of my face. It did okay in terms of controlling my oils but I feel like people with oily skin might want to avoid this since it may not work that well for them.

L’Oreal – Brow Gel


I absolutely love this brow gel and I have heard some people saying this is actually a good dupe for the Benefit’s Give Me Brow Gel. I like to pair this up with my Anastasia brow pomade and bam, my eyebrows are sure to stay in place all day.

If you really need your eyebrows to stay in place because you’re in a hot, humid place, just use the Benefit’s primer before applying on your eyebrows and then set it with this brow gel. I wore that in the middle of Beijing’s hot summer and my eyebrows stayed intact the entire time. There’s nothing worse than coming home at the end of the day and realizing half of your brows are gone.

Clinique – Moisturizing Lotion + Emulsion Hydration


I’ve actually been using this since high school ever since my sister introduced it to me. I didn’t really know much about skincare or makeup then so I just used whatever I had. The Belif’s Aqua bomb moisturizer actually works better for my skin but since it’s really pricey, I’ve been sticking with this lotion and I just incorporate other items such as essence and more moisturizing toners into skincare routine.

I feel like even with the Belif, I would still need essences and other more moisturizing products for my skin so I decided to opt for the cheaper option. I found that doing sheet masks daily has really help hydrate and even add a glow to my skin.



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