KL Polish – Miss Honey + Hug & Roll


I’m normally not a nail polish type of a girl since I can never sit long enough for the polish to dry properly but I’ve been eyeing these two colors ever since Kathleen Lights came out with them.

UPDATE: I tried out both of these colors a couple more times and the staying power is not what I hoped it would be. Miss Honey stays on longer than Hug N’Roll but quite a bit chips off a two days after painting it. I understand if a little bit chips off here and there but I’ve had half of my index finger peel off two days of wear. Hug N’Roll is even worse. Even though I am disappointed by the staying power, I think the price point and the unique color choices make it worth it for me at least.

I placed the order over Memorial Day weekend and hoped that it would come in time for my graduation photo shoot. Luckily they arrived a day before the photo shoot, which gave me more than enough time to paint my nails.


I got the colors Miss Honey and Hug & Roll after a long debate of whether of whether or not to get Saint Claire, a soft baby blue, as well. But since I rarely wear nail polish, a habit reinforced by years of mandatory piano lessons, I decided to skip it.


Left to Right: Miss Honey, Hug & Roll

I have only tried Miss Honey as of right now and I haven’t had any issues with the formula. I am getting a little bit of a chip on my right index finger as well some from my middle finger, but I think that’s from me trying to pry open some of my eye shadow palettes I’m look at you Narsissist palette. I’m really in love with how it looks on the nail and I think KathleenLights has been doing a really good job with the color selection, which is what convinced me to buy it.



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