Yamibuy Sheet Mask Haul & Review


YamibuySheet MaskHaul.png

So I actually had this post planned for quite a while (a few months now) but it took a bit longer than I had expected to go through all of these masks. This winter was especially dry for my skin and so I decided to order some sheet masks to help keep my skin hydrated.

Before we jump into the review, I want to give a quick tidbit about my skin. My skin type is combination, leaning on the dry side. This winter was especially drying for my skin and it showed. So I’m really looking for a mask that hydrates and helps my skin retain moisture.


Let’s start off with budget-friendly brand that is kind not only to your wallet but to the recreational mask-user. I originally had photos of each mask so that I can have a visually appealing post but I can’t find them on my laptop or drive for some reason. So due to the lack of photos, I will just give you a quick run-down of my thoughts on each mask.


  • Innisfree – Pomegranate Mask
    • Strange smell, not a fan of it
    • Mask stuck together and actually tore when I was trying to pull it apart
    • Moisture effects were average
    • Grade: 3/5
  • Innisfree – Rice Mask
    • Smell reminds me of baby powder
    • Clear serum
    • Helps skin retain moisture better than the kiwi mask
    • Grade: 4/5
  • Innisfree – Kiwi Mask
    • Light citrus smell that reminds me of bathroom cleaners
    • Serum is a milky-white color
    • Moisturizes and softens the face
    • Grade: 3.5/5


I was really surprised when I ended up liking this brand. It’s probably one of the favorites that I hauled this time around. I’ve only tried two of them from this brand but I really enjoyed both of them.


  • Mediheal – D:NA Aquaring
    • light, pleasant smell
    • white serum
    • very moisturizing and helps skin retain moisture the next 2 days
    • favorite one that I tried in this haul
    • Grade: 4/5
  • Mediheal – Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask
    • smells good
    • moisturizing and helped brighten up the skin
    • Grade: 4/5

JayJun Mask

I was drawn in because of the pretty packaging. What can I say? I’m a packaging girl. The JayJun masks is a little bit different than the traditional sheet masks in that it comes prepackaged with other products that will help enhance the effects of the mask.


  • JayJun – Baby Pure Shining Mask
    • Really like the idea of pampering
    • Downside is that this mask takes a bit more time and work
    • Helps hydrates the face but effects doesn’t last as long as some of the other masks
    • Eye cream can be split into many uses
    • Grade: 3/5
  • JayJun – Refine to Shine
    • Mask itself is black
    • Love the scent
    • I think it would be a really good mask to bring with you on travels (includes a cleanser)
    • Hydrates and brightens the skin
    • Grade: 4/5
  • JayJun – Rose Mask
    • Not sure where my pictures went, I’m so sorry
    • Smells like roses~
    • Hydrates the face but effects didn’t last that long (maybe about a day?)
    • Grade: 3/5

Dr. Jart

I was really looking forward to this brand since I have heard some great reviews about it. A friend of mine also really enjoyed their products so I was excited to try them out but unfortunately, one its products is really a huge miss for me.


  • Dr. Jart – Deep Moist
    • The sheet mask is pretty drippy so be careful when removing it from the packaging
    • Smells little bit like alcohol so mask may be drying
    • Mask doesn’t seem to hydrate or help the skin retain moisture
      • Skin appeared dry by mid-afternoon the next day
      • Disappointed, especially considering the price point and the fact that it was advertised as Deep Moist
    • Grade: 1/5
  • Dr. Jart – Vital Hydra Solution
    • Smells pharmaceutical (if that makes sense)
    • Hydrates the skin very well
    • Grade: 4/5

Papa Recipe

I was really excited to try the black one since I had already tried the original one (yellow) in the past when a friend bought it for me and I absolutely fell in love with it.


  • Papa Recipe – Black Honey Mask
    • Smells like honey
    • The mask itself is black to reflect the theme
    • Cooling and soothing on the skin
    • Light moisturizing effects so may be good for someone seeking a less hydrating mask
    • Grade: 3.5/5
  • Papa Recipe – Bombee Honey
    • Smells like honey
    • Really hydrating and the effects last a lot longer than other masks
    • I absolutely love this mask for days when my skin is dry
    • Ton of essence left over in the bag
    • Grade: 4.5/5

Botanic Farm

I first saw this brand in Japan and the name and packaging really perked my interest so when I saw that YamiBuy carried this brand, I went ahead and threw it into my  shopping cart.


  • Botanic Farm – Green Tea Mask
    • Smells really great – like honey and green tea?
      • I do smell some alcohol
    • More moisturizing than I had expected since sheet masks with an alcohol scent tends to be more drying on my skin
    • Grade: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed hauling these sheet masks and I have incorporated them into my routine. It’s a really great way to unwind after a long day of work and school. I like to pop them into the fridge right before I shower so that it’s nice and chilled by the time I’m ready to do a sheet mask.


There were some hits and misses for me but I really enjoyed doing this sheet mask haul. What are your thoughts on some of these masks? If you have any masks you would like to see a review of or would like to recommend, leave a comment down below and let me know! 🙂


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