Baby Face Mist Review

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I actually got these as a gift from my friend the real MVP a couple weeks back. I’ve been using them for a while now and here are my thoughts on these.


Aritaum sells three different variation of the Baby Face Mist. The green one is for oil control, the blue for hydration, and the pink has collagen inside. Each face mist bottle contains 60ml and the size of the bottle is slightly shorter than the iPhone 6. The small bottle makes it ideal to take on the go.


I know how every YouTube beauty guru and blogger gushes about packaging and how beautiful it is. And I am just as guilty when it comes to packaging.

I really like the minimalist aesthetics of the packaging. It feels very fresh and clean, which is fitting for the product since it is skincare. The packaging is well made and the spray is a fine-mist spray that works quite well. I haven’t had any issues with the spray itself (unlike the Marc Jacobs one).

Tea Tree


My skin is combination, leaning on the dry side. I do have some oily spots, such as my forehead and this tea-tree spray helps control the oil production on my face. I don’t think it reduces the amount of oil produced but the tea tree does help prevent breakouts on my face–especially those tiny bumps on my forehead.

I also just really enjoy the smell of tea tree oil in general.

Hyaluronic Acid


The hyaluronic acid spray is a lightly-perfumed (as with all Korean products), hydrating fine-mist spray. The smell is pleasant and fades away soon enough, but it is a little bit stronger than I would like on a face product. I think the spray does help hydrate my face but I would recommend the Caudalie Grape Water spray over this.

The travel-size version of the Caudalie Grape Water spray contains 75ml of product and I believe it is just a dollar or two more than the Aritaum.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the tea tree spray and it is something I would like to purchase. The spray format makes it easy for me to cover a large surface area and it helps keep my skin clear. The hyaluronic acid, unfortunately, is something I would probably skip out on, seeing how the Caudalie Grape Water keeps my face a lot more moisturized.



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