Sephora Mini Spring Beauty Haul 2017

April (1).png

It’s that time of the year again and so since I had gone a little too crazy at the November sale, I decided to restrain myself a little but still treat myself.

Because, it’s treat yoself 2k17~ ♪


I wasn’t too excited/interested in a lot of things this time around and also because I’ve been buying stuff here and there before the sale so I just picked up some stuff that caught my eye.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick – Sweet Cream


I’ve actually been eyeing this a couple months back and so props to me for actually waiting until the sale to purchase this. I also have the mini Bite Beauty lipsticks but, for some reason, the formula for the minis is very drying. Thankfully, that is not the case for the regular size and it is actually incredibly comfortable to wear on a daily basis, which is why I bought it.

Even though the lipstick is extremely moisturizing, it does stay on quite well after it drys. However, it transfer easily when you’re eating so be careful! I was apparently sporting a fashionable pink-tinged chin after lunch.

The sweet cream color is a “muted peach” more like a subtle coral that is suited for a everyday wear.


Sephora Color Swatch


I bought this after finding it in a friend’s make up drawer one day. You can use it to clean your brushes so that colors won’t transfer over and muddy up your makeup. I haven’t really gotten the chance to play around with it too much but from what I’ve seen, it removes the leftover makeup residue on your makeup brushes with ease.

The sponge is also removable and can be washed so a win-win.


Amore Pacific – CC Cream in Light/Medium (Pink)


I bought this on a whim after seeing it in the checkout aisle. I swear, this is how they get you. I didn’t know that AmorePacific made travel sizes and so it’s a great way to try out a new product without splurging the $60 on the full size. Also, I’m not sure if my normal foundation will hold out for the November sale so I’m switching it up a little with a cc cream on days I don’t really need to wear a full face of makeup.


The cc cream is quite light and while you can build it up, it is still a very light coverage. I ended up pairing it up with a concealer around areas that need more attention. The smell is really nice and it does linger around for a while after application. I don’t mind since it smells really great and I can smell it all day but, some people with more sensitive skin may want to avoid fragrant products.


Urban Decay – Chill


I bought this after trying a friend’s Urban Decay setting spray (in normal). I think they changed both the packing and formula(?) recently. This spray has an interesting smell that I find quite gross but thankfully, it doesn’t really linger and goes away after a little while.

Narsissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette


I ended up buying this after watching Hello Catie’s NARS video on YouTube. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Say what you will but I am an absolute sucker for packaging.

I mean, look at this!


The Narsissist eye shadow palette is a warm-toned palette packed with a lot of usable, everyday colors which means that you can just shove this in your bag and be ready.


The shadows are really pigmented and easily blendable. I find the matte eye shadows slightly harder to work with than the shimmers but it only requires a little bit more blending. I think once I worked off that top layer, the shadows became a lot easier to use.



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