Day 2: Osaka Castle (大阪城公園)


Day 5: Osaka Castle (大阪城公園)

Destination: Osaka Castle (大阪城公園)

Today was our last full day in Japan before we headed back home and so we didn’t plan too much so that we could walk around and get some shopping done.

Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle was once home to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who succeeded Oda Nobunaga and brought the feudal era of Japan to an end.



There were some hawks out by the front entrance so you can go and take some pictures of them.


The castle has now been converted into a museum and is divided up into several layers. You can take the elevator to the top instead of climbing the stairs but the line was really long so we decided to climb. Each floor of the castle has been turned into an exhibition so it is worthwhile to walk around and see.


The view from the top

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch from a nearby fish market. It wasn’t as good as the first one we went to.


After lunch, we walked around a bit and started to get ready for our flight back home the next day. With this, my two week trip to China and Japan came to a close. They are both beautiful countries and destinations to visit if you ever get a chance to.

End Day 5


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