Kyoto Day 0: Arrival in Arashiyama, Kyoto


Day 0: Arrival in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Destination: Arashiyama, Moon Crossing Bridge, Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street, Hotel Kadensho (Onsen)

We left Osaka bright and early to catch our train to Arashiyama, which is where the famous bamboo forest is located. Capsule hotels are pretty handy if you only need to stay in a place for one night but they’re not ideal for multiple-day travels since you need to check out every morning irregardless of how long you are staying.

Hotel Kadensho


Since we were in Japan, we just had to soak in one of its famous hot springs and so we booked a room in Hotel Kadensho. The hotel, it’s more of a ryokan really, is right across from the station and so it was easy to find. We checked in and dropped off our luggage at the hotel before we started sightseeing.

Moon Crossing Bridge



The Moon Crossing Bridge

We headed over to the famous Moon Bridge first for some awesome photos. The surrounding area is just so beautiful and tranquil that it took my breath away the first time I saw it.


Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street

After crossing the Moon Crossing Bridge, we came upon the Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street, which is exactly what it sounds like. The street has been persevered in the style of the Meji-era and contain many restaurants and shops.

We got lunch here and all of the stores are quite popular during the lunch rush. It was difficult to find a place to sit down and eat! There are a lot of vendors and restaurants here so be sure to come on an empty stomach. I also bought a cucumber on a stick; it was really refreshing and cooling.

After eating, we walked around a little bit, enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere of the town. There is also a YOUJI-YA located along the street so we went inside for a peak.


Youji-Ya is a famous cosmetic brand in Japan, famous for selling beauty products to Maikos. They’re most well-known for their oil-blotting papers. I couldn’t resist and bought some of their products.


Left to Right: Skin Care Sponge, Setting Powder, Extra Puff, Fine Mist Toner, Toner Refill

I haven’t tried the Skin Care Sponge yet mostly because I’m not quite sure how to use it. But from what I understand, after much pointing with the sales representative, you’re supposed to pat this sponge on your skin after cleansing to make your skin glow?

I also got the setting powder in the color natural. They have three colors in total–natural, highlighting, and pink. The setting powder works pretty well for me as I use it on parts that tends to be oilier but since my skin leans more towards dry, I am sure how it would fare on oily skin types.

I liked the toner mist quite a bit. The spray is a fine mist and so it sits nicely on the face; plus, the bottle is small enough so that you can throw it into your bag and refresh yourself whenever needed. You can also purchase a refill packet (which is half the price of the bottled-version) and it makes for light travel. This is extremely important when every ounce of your luggage counts.

They also carry a body powder compact that you can purchase. However, I am not sure if that is something you can purchase at this location because I think we bought it at the Kyoto train station. The yuzu-flavored lip balm they have is also quite nice.

It was already getting late by the time we started to head back and since we paid for a hot springs hotel, we planned to soak in it for as long as possible.


Our reservation also came with a dinner and breakfast. Everything was so beautifully arranged and well-thought out that I couldn’t eat it without snapping some quick pictures. Do you see that mini-persimmon? It was so adorable!


We spent the rest of our time soaking actually fighting to be able to soak in the bathes. Kadensho has a main public bath that everyone can enjoy and several individual baths. Since everyone wants to be in the individual baths, it can be quite difficult to get a room. You have to sit in the waiting area and be ready to jump in when someone leaves. Each of the individual bath is unique and revolves around a different theme which is reflected in the decor of the bath.

End Day 0




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