Osaka Day 0: Landing in Japan


Day 0: Landing in Japan

Destination: Dotonbori, B&S Eco Cube Shinsaibashi

It was our last day in China. We got up and made one last round around the breakfast stands before we started packing. I got jianbing guozi one last time.


We then started packing and got ready to go to the airport. Since we arrived in Beijing through the subway, we decided to go by an airport shuttle this time to save ourselves the hassle of hauling our luggage.


The Peking Airport

If you go to where the subway station is connected to the airport, you are able to return your metro card and get your deposit back. If you are planning to return your card at the airport, be sure to get there a little bit early.

It seemed because of the recent Galaxy note incidents, the Chinese airport was taking more precautions than normal. Certain portable batteries were not allowed on flight so be sure to check yours into your baggage if you don’t want it confiscated by the authorities.

Mine was thankfully allowed to pass.

I’m not sure what the exact restrictions are but I think the battery itself needs to say how much voltage it’s outputting. If it doesn’t say, then the authorities will confiscated it, which is definitely disheartening. On a side note, I think this is also where I lost my earphones. I have been to China twice and I have lost a pair each time. :/


The moment we arrived in Japan, while we were still waiting in line to pass through customs, I immediately connected to wifi.

Sweet, sweet, unrestricted wifi. I finally have access to Facebook, Google, and Youtube. I never realized how much I miss you. Also, a really good time to check your e-mail if you use Google mail.

We arrived at the Kansai airport late. By the time we got our SIM cards, which are sold all over the airport at various counters, it was already dark outside. When purchasing a SIM card here, be sure to check out all of the counters. We were in a bit of a rush so we just got the first one we saw but walking a little further down, there were other places selling for a cheaper price.

We hopped onto the train that would take us to the Dontobori area. The subway system here is a lot more confusing to navigate than its Chinese counterparts. Be sure to research where you are going before you leave. Like its Chinese counterparts, hauling luggage up and down several flights of stairs was not fun.


B & S Eco-Cube

We wanted to experience what it would be like to stay in one of those capsule hotels so we decided to book one while we were in Osaka. Since we were heading to Kyoto the next day, a capsule hotel was a good option for us. I have linked information about the capsule hotel here.

After dropping off our luggage, which is really just shoved to the side of the front desk, we headed over to Dontobori to grab a late dinner.


We headed over to Ichiran Ramen.

I love ramen–especially tonaktsu ramen–so I was ecstatic to try some in Japan. I also got matcha tofu pudding, which I definitely recommend getting.


Ichiran is an individual stall ramen place. That means there are privacy shields on both sides so that you can enjoy your meal alone. If you’re with friends, you can pull up the shields and talk with person next to you.

We were pretty beat so we just stopped by a local convenience store to grab some bottles of water and anything else we might needed for the night. I didn’t get pictures of the capsule hotel because it was mostly girls getting ready to shower/go to bed and I didn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy.

End Day 0


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