Napa2016 – Merry Christmas!


Destination: Napa, California

For Christmas this year, we decided to visit the wine country of California–Napa Valley. Our first stop was the Domaine Carneros.


It was a good thing we made a reservation ahead of time because the place was jammed-packed when we got there. We ordered their sparkling wine sampler and some cheese and meats to go with it.


View from the Domaine Carneros

We had some time to kill afterwards we finished eating so we decided to visit Keatings since it was a quick drive away.


Keatings is located inside Cornerstone, tucked away in a quaint corner. It’s next to a giant red chair that you cannot sit on for cute photos. Believe me, you just slide right off the chair.

Unlike Domaine Carneros, Keatings is a stand-up wine tasting room. It costs about $15 for the tasting but you get to taste five different wines and the cost will be waived if you decide to purchase a bottle.

There were a lot of stores and gardens inside the complex so we decided to go for a short walk to stretch our legs and appreciate the Napa beauty.

Inside the garden, there was a tree with strings of silver wrapping paper tied onto it. The slips of paper were filled with wishes of people who had visited and so I filled one in too.


After walking around for a while, it was time for lunch so we got into the car and drove a little bit outside of Napa Valley to Bistro Jeanty.

Bistro Jeanty


If you want to eat here, make sure you make a reservation ahead of time because this place is absolutely packed.

We got the Crême de Tomate en Croute (basically tomato soup with a puff pastry baked over it) and foie gras as starter. The soup was really good, especially with the delicate puff pastry baked to a crispy perfection. The foie gras was also a delicious try.


For the entree, I ordered the Blanquette de Lapin which is basically rabbit leg over egg-noodle pasta. The pasta and rabbit were pretty good (I never thought I would say this) but, it came with too much truffle oil. It was to the point where it almost tasted like the scent of gasoline.


Blanquette de Lapin

We also ordered the fish, lobster, and steak. Which, in my opinion, were not as special as the rabbit.

We then finished the meal with a rice pudding dessert.


After stuffing ourselves, we decided to make one last stop before going home. We drove to Oxbow, which is basically a giant market with various stores located inside. They have a supermarket and there is even a restaurant serving fresh oysters. I stopped by Anette’s Chocolate and bought their caramel brandy sauce. They have samples out so make sure to stop by and try a little bit of everything!




2 thoughts on “Napa2016 – Merry Christmas!

  1. topochinesvino says:

    Great post! We live in Napa and the Oxbow is one of our “regular” places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Domaine Carneros is always a wow. Cornerstone we have never been to, believe it or not. We drive by it all the time though on the way to San Francisco. Thanks for sharing your great pictures. Check out our wine country blog when you have a moment – it has lots of suggestions for places to eat and drink.


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