Kyoto 2017: Day 0

Kyoto - day 0 (1).png

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Kyoto during the late summer and this year, we planned another trip to Kyoto to enjoy the autumn foliage. I actually had a class right before my flight so it was a frantic scurry out the door in the morning.

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Von’s Chicken – Best Korean Fried Chicken in the Bay?


Did that catch your attention?

It certainly did catch mine when I started getting a craving for Korean fried chicken (aka KFC lol) a few months back but, San Diego didn’t have any good chicken places so I was excited to discover this place when I came back to the Bay Area. If you know of any other good places either here or San Diego, please let me know as I’m always on the hunt for good fried chicken.

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Provender Coffee – A Cute Coffee Nook


October is rolling around and greeting us with cloudy skies and it’s almost cold enough in San Francisco to be wearing sweaters all day. Almost.

But it’s not quite there yet and there’s nothing better than feeding your caffeine addiction and warming up at the same time. There is a charming and cozy coffee shop just up 18th street that is a local favorite and serves pretty good coffee.

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